Full Service Property Management

We just need the keys and we’ll take over the hassle of owning a rental property! We’ll keep you in the loop through monthly updates and financial statements. Here is what you can count on:

On-Site Evaluations & Walk-Throughs

A member of our staff will evaluate the property on-site by photo documentation and a detailed report describing the rental’s condition and layout.

Should you already have tenants, we will perform a walk-through to document the condition of the unit, identify lease violations and potential maintenance repairs. Procedurally, inspections are scheduled at the end of the lease. However, more frequent inspections can be scheduled by request.

We live and work in Golden. We drive past our rentals on a regular basis. We hope this puts your mind at ease that your investment will get the attention that it needs. We make every effort to get to know the neighbors on both sides of the property, so they can feel free to contact us with any issues.

Marketing Your Property

Your rental property will have a great presence on the Web. For online marketing, we use our own website, Craigslist, Zillow, Trulia, HotPads, Rent.com, occasionally social media or the MLS system and a handful of other sites. For in-person marketing, all available units are displayed on our front window. We are located on the “main street” in downtown Golden and see a lot of foot traffic on a daily basis. Additionally, as a public service, we publish a weekly rental sheet that is distributed by the Golden Chamber of Commerce. Last, we have spent a lot of time and energy to connect with the community. We are usually the first call for most renters in Golden due to referrals!

Leasing the Property

Here’s the real time-saver for you. Many details go into finding the perfect tenant for a rental property. Laurel Property Services, Inc. will filter all calls and email inquiries, schedule showings with our knowledgeable Golden Native Leasing Agent, conduct showings of the property Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, process and evaluate applications, credit checks and criminal background checks, prepare rental agreements and happily answer any questions at any time.

Once the property is leased, we will continue to handle all tenant questions and concerns, collect rent and utilities and schedule maintenance. We stay on top of delinquent tenants and issue Demands for non-payment. Please note, we are motivated to collect rent. If the tenant does not pay rent, we do not charge you a management fee. Additionally, should there be a need, we will deal with code enforcement, local police, neighbors and/or attorneys.

Rent & Utility Collection

Let’s face it, this is why you want full service property management! It’s much more pleasant to just sit back and relax anywhere in the world and collect your income. Collection of security deposits, rent and utilities are only the beginning of the financial services that we provide. By offering the option to pay online, tenants appreciate they can easily and conveniently pay their rent and we’ve seen an increase in prompt monthly rental payments. Once rent has been paid, all rental expenses will be deducted from your monthly rental income. Then, in a timely manner each month, the balance is forwarded onto you alongside a detailed financial management statement. We are happy to deposit your monthly income directly into your account. At year-end, you will receive a detailed, year-to-date summary and a 1099 for tax purposes.

Maintenance & Repair Services

After 30 years in business, we found using only contractors for maintenance provides fast, efficient and quality work at a fair price. We know which local, small businesses that we can rely on to make us a priority and take very good care of our properties and their maintenance needs. In an effort to be transparent, please note Laurel Property Services, Inc. charges a small fee once all work is complete and billed to your account. This maintenance fee is associated with a Personal Maintenance Coordinator. They are responsible for managing and tracking all the maintenance needs for the rental property from start to finish.

Laurel Property Services, Inc. is equipped to handle emergencies 24 hours a day and 365 days a year!  Our 24 hour emergency maintenance answering system will alert a member of our staff of an emergency. Your investment and your tenants will be in good hands from the minute they call our office. For non-emergencies, tenants are able to easily report issues online through our website or through email/phone.


There are multiple layers of federal, state, and local laws governing landlord-tenant relationships and, to make matters worse, they change regularly. In order to do our job well and reduce the risk of a lawsuit, Laurel Property Services, Inc. invests the time needed to track which laws apply at any given moment. We stay educated on landlord-tenant laws by participating in multiple professional organizations, law changing alerts and attending classes to educate us further on landlord-tenant relationships. Education is key for successful property management.


Unfortunately, but very rarely, a situation arises when a tenant will need to be evicted from the property. Laurel Property Services, Inc. will represent the property owner in any uncontested eviction. The only expenses a property owner would incur would be out-of-pocket eviction costs, attorneys’ fees and an hourly charge for our time. Preparing for court appearances is tedious hard work if you do not have the proper representation. We have a trusted and proven attorney on standby should we have the misfortune to deal with a delinquent tenant.

We also have Lease Only Options, click below for more information: 

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