Rental Qualifications

Laurel Property Services Inc. is a Fair Housing provider and abides by all all Federal, State, and
Local laws regarding housing and non-discrimination.

The following list are items that would disqualify an applicant from renting a property under our


  • Meth and/or Amphetamine related offenses automatic denial
  • Stalking offenses automatic denial
  • Homicide offenses automatic denial
  • Crimes against children within 5 years
  • Crimes against landlords or rental properties within 5 years
  • Convictions or pleas to any crime involving metal theft, vandalizing properties, or otherwise damaging properties within 5 years
  • Arson convictions or pleas within 5 years
  • Violent felony convictions within 5 years
  • Drug trafficking, manufacturing, or distribution within 5 years
  • Sex offenses will be considered on a case-by-case basis
  • Felony convictions older than 5 years will be considered on a case-by-case basis
  • Imprisonment for felonies within the last 5 years will be dealt with on a case by case basis


  • Past-due balance of ANY amount outstanding to previous landlords / rental communities within last 7 years
  • Evictions more recent than 7 years
  • Open bankruptcies or bankruptcies discharged less than 2 years


  • Rude, disruptive, threatening, or harassing behavior towards Laurel Property Services staff, clients, residents, or vendors
  • Disparaging or slanderous comments made about previous landlords or management


Laurel Property Services Inc. is happy to welcome International Applicants. However, applicants without a United States issued Social Security Number are required to secure the property with a Security Deposit of 2x the advertised amount. This policy is in place for the protection of the Property Owner, in the event of damages and / or a breach in the lease, where traditional debt collection efforts are unavailable.

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