What You Should Know About Your Property Management Company in Arvada, Colorado

How well do you need to know your property managers?

Our answer is: pretty well. This is a partnership, and in order to enjoy a pleasant and profitable rental experience, you need to know who your property managers are and how they work. You need to know where their priorities are, and how they’ll approach the challenges as well as the victories when it comes to leasing, managing, and maintaining your investment properties.

When you partner with our team at Laurel Property Services, you get full transparency and a total investment in our partnership. You’ll know how we screen tenants, what we do to market your property, how we protect that investment, and where we find our vendors. You’ll have transparent accounting statements, financial reports, and open and honest dialogue.

You should know what your property manager plans to do to make your investment experience more meaningful and less stressful.

Questions You Should Ask a Property Manager Before Signing a Management Agreement

You’re about to hand over a property worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Or maybe even a portfolio that’s worth 10 times that.

Are you sure you know your property manager well enough to trust them with your investment?

You should.

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Some of the things we recommend you discuss with your property manager before you sign on the dotted line include:

  • Marketing and leasing practices
  • Tenant screening standards
  • Maintenance protocols
  • Pet policies
  • Tenant retention rates
  • Rental property accounting
  • Property management technology

We recommend you have an in-depth discussion about your investment goals. How will they help you reach them?

You should know a lot about your property manager. Like what their reputation happens to be in the community. And what they do if an eviction becomes necessary.

Don’t settle for the scripted answers. Get to know the company that’s working for you.


Property Managers in Arvada, Colorado Prioritizing Community

We’re here to serve our owners and investors, their properties, and the residents who call those properties home.

We are also in this business to serve the entire community of Arvada as well as the neighboring cities in Jefferson County. Our team believes in service, collaboration, and local leadership.

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Here’s what you should know about your property management team when you work with Laurel Property Services:

  • We volunteer
  • We advocate
  • We learn

You’ll find us sponsoring local events, making charitable contributions, volunteering with local civic organizations, and partnering with business leaders across the region to deliver a higher standard of housing and corporate responsibility.

When you believe that renting out a home is about more than cash flow and ROI, we’re your best property management partner. We invite you to join us in doing better – for everyone.

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