How a Virtual Golden, CO Property Management Company Benefits Owners and Tenants

Plenty of options are available to you when you’re looking for professional and effective property management in Golden, Colorado. You can go with a large company that has a lot of offices, a presence in a number of cities across the country, and aggressive advertising campaigns trying to get your attention. Or, you can choose a small and hyper-local management team that may not have the reach of a large company but can provide dedicated and personalized service to you, your property, and your tenants.

But it doesn’t have to be one or the other.

Instead, consider a virtual property management solution. If the last couple of years have taught us anything, it’s that a lot of what we do can be done virtually and online. At Laurel Property Services, Inc., we have mastered the technology that’s required to provide outstanding and service-centered property management and leasing for our owners and investors. Our online presence helps our tenants too, most of whom are most comfortable paying rent and requesting maintenance online anyway.

Online property management can provide you with all of the professional services you need, without costing more than you want to spend. Today, we’re using our blog to talk about how this model of service benefits our owners and our tenants.

Innovative Technology Allows for Faster Golden Leasing

The leasing process can be cumbersome and slow, especially if you’re listing your property on several different websites, trying to schedule in-person showings, and deciding on a good date and time to meet your new tenant for the lease signing.

It can move a lot faster when you do everything digitally, and that saves you money. You lose less income on longer vacancies. You give potential tenants the opportunity to really investigate your property before they see it. You place a tenant with better qualifications.

We facilitate all of this for you quickly, efficiently, and with minimal costs because of our investment in outstanding leasing technology. This allows us to manage screenings and showings.

Here’s how our virtual process works, and why it benefits you and tenants so profoundly.

  • Marketing. There are hundreds of rental websites out there that tenants are using to find their next rental home. It’s important that your listing shows up on all of them. You could manually enter the photos and details on each separate site. Or, you could work with a property management team like ours, which has the technology to syndicate that listing across several different platforms. Our own website is also updated consistently and optimized to attract good tenants, who will see your listing and consider setting up a showing.
  • Showings. Tenants will quickly get frustrated when they can’t immediately schedule a time to see the property. If you have a busy schedule to work around, it’s going to be difficult to let those potential renters into the home when they’re ready to see it. As virtual property managers, we are able to eliminate a lot of frustrating steps and give tenants the opportunity to see the home with one of our professional leasing staff members. With smart locks, lockboxes, and other digital technology, we can safely and securely allow tenants to access the property and take a look around. We have found this leads to faster decisions and applications.
  • Screening. Tenant screening has to be rigorous, consistent, and legally compliant with all fair housing laws and anti-discrimination laws. We’re able to accomplish this because our screening process is totally automated. We look at every application without bias and without judgment because our system is the same every time a tenant is screened. We check credit, we conduct a background check, we verify rental history, and have all tenants do online pet screenings. All of that is done quickly – within a day or two. We get an accurate and detailed report of the prospective tenant, and we make decisions based on whether or not what we find meets our rental criteria.
  • Lease Signing. Being a virtual property management company allows us to send leasing documents back and forth to our tenants. We also have an online portal, where we keep all of these important files that may need to be accessed one day. We do not have to meet with tenants in person to get the lease signed, but we still make ourselves available to discuss the most important parts of the lease agreement and to answer any questions they might have.

Our ability to be flexible and adaptable means the leasing process moves along much faster, which benefits you as an owner and tenants who are eager to find, see, and move into a new home.

Virtual Property Management in Golden, Colorado

Once a good tenant is approved and in place, we continue to protect your investment and monitor the success of your property and your tenant with our digital and online capabilities. Starting with our online walkthrough app, which requires tenants to take photos of any issues.

The portals that we mentioned earlier are available for both tenants and owners. Our tenants appreciate them because they can pay rent online, from the convenience of their own home or office. They can schedule payments in advance, set reminders, and link bank accounts and stay on top of their account.

Maintenance is also reported online. While we always expect tenants to call us if there’s an emergency, for routine repairs they can simply log on and explain what’s happening at the property. There’s an option to attach pictures as well, which is really helpful in diagnosing what the problem might be. With this system in place, we’re able to document every step of the maintenance process, from request to repair to follow-up. It protects the condition of your property and it shows that we are responsive when something goes wrong.

Those online rental payments are rarely late and these types of conveniences contribute to tenant retention.

For owners, the online portal is helpful during the management process because you can get an idea of how your property is performing at any time. You can log in to see accounting reports, view maintenance invoices, and find documentation for leases and management. You’ll receive your rent electronically, through a direct deposit, which cuts down on waiting for money or losing a check in the mail.

Being a virtual team allows you to reach us at any time and for any reason. There’s no need to wait until we’re in the office. Send a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as it’s possible.

Maintaining Your Golden, CO Investment Virtually

What about maintenance? If you’re worried that our virtual style of property management will reduce our effectiveness at maintaining your rental home, let us put your mind at ease.

Our technology actually makes it easier and more transparent.

We can keep a detailed database of our preferred providers and contractors – individuals and companies that have been well-screened. When repairs are needed, we know exactly who to call and how to respond.

When you partner with the Laurel Property Services, Inc. management team, you should feel comfortable knowing we have a professional maintenance coordinator. This is the professional who takes care of managing, documenting, and tracking all the maintenance needs for your property. You can expect your coordinator to accept maintenance requests and follow up with tenants. We’ll send the right vendor out, monitor the progress, and pay the vendor in a timely manner.

All of this is done virtually because we’ve invested in the technology that makes it possible.

Our team uses technology to handle emergencies 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. You and your tenants can count on our 24-hour emergency maintenance answering system, which is equipped to respond to any emergency that happens, even on weekends and even over holidays. Every investment property is in good hands, and we make sure its value and condition are protected.

Virtual Services Make Owning Rental Property Easier

As an owner, you don’t want to spend time rushing to in-person meetings or visiting your property managers in their office. Instead, you can reach us by phone, or email. You can log onto that portal and find all the information you need on how your property is performing and what we’re doing to protect it. This is always how we’ve done things.

Everything is automated and online, and we’re available and accessible to our investors who have questions about their property or want to check in on a portfolio. You can see your property’s income and expenses. You can run reports. You can examine maintenance records. If you’re nervous about what the latest market trends may mean for your real estate investments, you can send us a message or give us a call and we’ll be happy to talk through what we recommend.

Income and expensesWhen you’re looking for property management in Golden, Colorado, choose a team that’s up to date and able to manage a lean and purpose-driven business that impacts the performance of your investment property.

We’d love to tell you more. Contact us at Laurel Property Services, Inc.

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