The Benefits of Renting to Students at Colorado School of Mines

Our role as a professional Golden Colorado property management company means we come into contact with all sorts of owners, tenants, vendors, and investors. We’re extremely active in the community, which means we have an opportunity to get to know diverse groups of people who are either looking for a rental home or trying to rent out an investment property.

We work with students and student housing a lot, thanks to our proximity to the Colorado School of Mines. If you own a rental property and you’ve hesitated to rent it out to students, we have some good news. Students are actually some of the best tenants we’ve ever worked with. Our data shows that 40 percent of those students are from foreign countries. The student population renting our properties are financially secure, responsible, and reliable.

Today, we’re talking about why you should consider renting to students at Colorado School of Mines.

Student Housing and Golden Property Management

In general, college and university students often get unfairly labeled as reckless partygoers. They’re assumed to be messy, poor, and irresponsible. This is rarely true, however, and we have found that most of today’s students have evolved from those stereotypes of the past. If you screen your tenants well, students are not a risk to your rental property.

The benefits of investing in student rentals are numerous:

  • You’ll consistently have a strong pool of tenants. Young adults will often go to schools like Colorado School of Mines, and they’ll always need a place to live. Vacancy in your rental will not be a problem.
  • Colorado School of Mines students tend to be very studious, have little time for recreation and spend a lot of hours studying. They are going for a degree that is hard to obtain.
  • Mines is one of the top colleges in the United States. It ranks 13 for the top salaries after graduation in the nation.
  • The rents in Golden are higher because of the student population. Most college students live with roommates. With three or four students contributing to rent instead of just one person renting the property, you have a little extra insurance when it comes to collecting higher rents on time.
  • The students at the School of Mines tend to be professional students. They have to have strong grades in high school to end up here. They include the top graduates from High Schools with a strong desire to achieve their goals.

Golden Property Management Protects Your Rental Property

The Benefits of Renting to Students at Colorado School of MinesIf you like the idea of renting to students but you’re worried about the time it will take and the expertise it will require, consider working with a Golden, Colorado property management company.

We will make sure you have a strong lease agreement in place, and we’ll be proactive about enforcing it.

All of the tenants renting out your property will understand their role in maintaining the property, paying rent, and following the lease terms. Many students are renting a property for the first time, so we know it’s important to be specific when explaining how rent is to be paid.

We have excellent relationships in place with our student tenants. We share our expectations and we remain available and accessible for any questions they may have. If you’d like to hear more about the opportunities you may have to rent to students at Colorado School of Mines, contact us at Laurel Property Services. We can help with all your Golden property management needs.

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