Why Performing Routine Inspections on Your Golden Rental Property Is Important

Routine inspections need to be part of your process when you’re renting out a home. Not only do these inspections allow you to track and address routine maintenance issues, they also document the condition of your investment property. When you inspect during a lease period, you’re able to ensure your residents are following the lease terms and maintaining your property according to your expectations.

At Laurel Property Services, the routine inspections that are part of our ongoing property management services are as follows – We supply the tenants with a mobile move-in inspection and do an annual walkthrough inspection prior to sending out renewal notices. We also have maintenance and vendors on the lookout for issues.

Move-In Inspections for Your Golden Rental Property

The move-in inspection is especially important because it will document the condition of your property before you turn it over to your tenants. This inspection report will be used to determine whether any damage was done at the end of the tenancy, when your residents have moved out and you’re making decisions about the security deposit.

We send the tenants a link to a portable app for move in inspections. The app has the tenant document all of the prior damages. Any damage they note requires them to take a photo of the damage. This app lets them have 10 days for the inspection giving them time to find everything they can wrong with the property. The inspection is then downloaded into their tenant portal with the documentation and photos in a nice report that is easy to read and access for the tenant and the property manager.

Move-Out Inspections for Your Golden Rental Property

During the move-out inspection, you’ll be looking for damage that’s due to neglect, abuse, or misuse. You cannot charge the tenant’s deposit for normal wear and tear, but you can charge for damage that goes beyond regular wear. Compare the pictures and the notes you take to those you filed after the move-in process. If something doesn’t look right after a tenant leaves your property, you’ll have the evidence to demonstrate that.

Routine Annual Walkthrough Inspections

Annual inspections should be done to be sure your home is being taken care of in the best way possible. This way you know if the tenant decides to renew the lease what the property looks like.

We want to catch those little items that need a quick fix. For example, maybe a cupboard door is loose and tenants have thought about reporting it but the issue seems too minor. While inspecting the home, if you see the loose cupboard you should make a note to repair it. Ask if there’s anything that needs to be fixed. You want to make sure the home is cared for and kept in the best condition.

Make sure you pay close attention to safety items such as broken deadbolts or locks, old or missing smoke or carbon monoxide detectors, broken window latches, sliding glass door locks, etc..

Make sure that the inspections you conduct while a tenant is occupying your home are minimally invasive. It’s important to get inside, but you want to provide enough written notice so tenants aren’t surprised. They’re entitled to their privacy and quiet enjoyment of their home.

Routine inspections are important because they protect the condition of your property and help you enforce the lease agreement. They also keep you compliant with all local and state codes.

Maintenance and Vendor Assistance

Maintenance and Vendor AssistanceWhen we hire a new vendor, I stress to them that if they see something, please tell us. I have them keep on the lookout for cleanliness, rodents, bugs, unauthorized pets and tenants, fire hazards, etc.. They are truly in the properties more than most people and they are our eyes and ears. I can’t tell you how many issues we have heard about through vendors.

If you have any questions or need any help with Golden property management, please contact us at Laurel Property Services.

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