Tips to Colorado Renters for Documenting Their Move-in Checklist

The move-in checklist is an important part of the rental agreement between owners and tenants. As you’re moving into a new home, you’re probably juggling a lot of details. Laurel Property Services, Inc. provides a digital checklist to streamline the move-in process. Make sure you’re paying attention to your move-in checklist. You’ll need to perform an inspection within a few days of moving into your home so you can notify us if there’s anything amiss or in need of maintenance. If there is any damage, you must note this by taking a photo for future clarification.

Here are a few tips for better documentation.

What to Look for in Your Move-In Checklist

A move-in checklist is a form that documents the general condition of the Golden, Colorado rental property you are moving into. It gives you an opportunity to note any clear and obvious damages or defects. You want to document these things so you’re not held accountable for them at the end of the lease period.

On the checklist, you’ll find a space for you to check off whether or not things are in place and functioning the way you expect them to. All the major systems and functions of the property are included, such as floors, appliances, heating and air conditioning, plumbing, and locks on doors and windows.

Your job is to mark whether each of these things is in good condition. If you find something wrong, you’ll want to explain what the problem is. Do this for every room on the property. There’s a place for you to sign off at the bottom.

Document any Problems with Photos

If you do run into an issue and something is damaged or not working, you’ll want to document it on your checklist and take some pictures so you can support your claim that something needs attention. If an appliance isn’t working, for example, take a brief video where you try to start that appliance and it fails. If there’s a large hole in a wall or a scratch on a floor before you move in, take some photos so we can see where the problem is. This will help us respond quickly and make things right.

Use the checklist. It keeps everything uniform and organized.

Return the Inspection Checklist in 72 Hours

We know you’re busy unpacking and getting to know your new neighborhood, however, time is of the essence when it comes to your checklist. We’ll ask you to provide it to us within 72 hours of your move-in. If you don’t get it back to us, we’ll assume everything is in perfect shape and you’ll be held accountable for any damage at the end of the lease term.

There won’t be another opportunity like this for you to share anything that’s missing or damaged in your new home. If the refrigerator door sticks, don’t wait for a month to tell us about it. Put it on your checklist and hand it in to us as soon as you can. We’ll get the refrigerator door fixed promptly. Test everything. Make sure you’re comfortable with the condition of the home.

While you have the full 72 hours after moving in to do this, it’s better for us and for you to get the inspection completed as soon as possible. If you can do it within 24 hours, that’s even better. It tells us you take your responsibilities as a tenant seriously. It also gives us the opportunity to make things right immediately if we find something wrong.

Move-in checklistIf you need any help with the move-in checklist, contact us, your Golden, Colorado property managers, at Laurel Property Services, Inc.

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